About Us

CareCaller is a company that specializes in the safety and security of people in a wide range of industries. We provide our clients with the best Emergency Call System, the most comprehensive solutions, and the lowest prices. We have achieved this by bringing together the most reliable and innovative hardware with the most experienced and knowledgeable technicians and staff. It is our mission to create the perfect Emergency Call System. In doing so we have created an extremely safe, and flexible system, which can be tailored to meet any facility’s needs.

An emergency call and security system, no matter how technologically advanced, is only as good as the people who support it. At CareCaller, we have found that the main reason our customers continue to purchase and install our system is not only because of its countless technical advantages, but more importantly because of our absolute concern, service, and responsiveness to clients.

CareCaller Emergency Call Systems provide for every security need with the most comprehensive and varied selection of hardware and software solutions available today. This includes totally hardwired systems, totally wireless systems, or any combination of the two. Our system is seamlessly integrated with other systems such as door access control, intrusion alarm systems, intercoms, enter phone, phone systems and fire alarm systems. With a broad repertoire of system solutions and highly trained system specialists, a CareCaller Emergency Call System can be customized to fit your every need.

At CareCaller we use only mission critical, purpose designed hardware with our systems. When the purpose of a system is to save lives it cannot be dependent on any hardware that was not designed for this purpose. Phone and paging systems are inherently flawed for emergency call systems because they are not 100% reliable or redundant. This lack of reliability leads to liability for care providers, and loss of confidence among residents in the system their lives depend on.  Our system does not rely on your facility phone switches or other systems which were never designed for such a purpose. It is completely independent using the same Radio technology as firefighters, the military, and the police to relay the messages to your staff.  An interruption in phone service or power will not affect our Radio based system. This being said our system does integrate flawlessly with these other systems to provide features such as 2 way voice to resident suites.

No other company offers a system of this quality, and functionality, or even close to the level of service that CareCaller does. We stand behind our FREE No Contract Lifetime Technical Support Guarantee.