Courthouse System:

CareCaller’s Courthouse system is designed with wireless emergency call buttons that may be easily attached to the underside of desks in Judge’s chambers, in the court room, in the District Attorney’s office, and even in holding cells. These buttons may be accessed immediately should a threatening situation occur.

Courthouse Sentry System

The Court House Sentry is a Computerized Emergency Call and Building Security System with Automatic Two-Way Radio Voice Broadcastin.


The power of a computer is the engine that processes, reports and records alarms in your courthouse. This
allows great flexibility and provides a system that can easily grow with your future needs. All alarms are stored on a hard disk for future reference and a report generator allows you to view alarm histories that have been defined by you. This is a tremendous management tool and helps your courthouse to run more smoothly and efficiently.


CARE CALLER ’s wireless emergency call buttons may be easily attached to the underside of desks in Judge’s chambers, in the court room, the District Attourney’s office, holding cells, and in the Assessor’s and County Clerk’s offices. The buttons may be accessed immediately should a threatening situation occur. The Courthouse Sentry System will accommodate thousands of these devices if needed. Wireless transmitters can be used to monitor doors, motion detectors, glass break detectors, or other equipment. Mobile wireless pendants may be worn with a belt clip or around the neck and can be used in the parking garage as well as throughout the facility. Optional locators will reveal the general location of a mobile emergency call pendant so that you who know is in trouble and where they are. All transmitters send a check-in signal each minute so that you know they are working, and they will notify you if their batteries become low Wireless repeaters may be placed in hallways to offer 100% positive signaling from anywhere in your complex, allowing you to establish a broad range of security. Spread Spectrum transmission technology assures the reliability of signals as each alarm is transmitted once on each of twenty-four different frequencies.


Alarms or events will be broadcast over the existing two-way radio frequency of your choice; suchas the sheriff’s department, or other law enforcement agency. This can mean the difference between life and death if your dispatcher is being held hostage or is incapacitated by an unforeseen event. This eliminates the possibility of human error and precious lost seconds when alarms must be received and then rehandled by a dispatcher. Officers with hand held or mobile vehicle radios will hear a voice message describing the alarm and location such as, “Deputy needed in Courtroom 2”, or “Door alarm at north service entrance”. The message will continue to broadcast every fifteen seconds until acknowledged at the computer, or until an officer enters their unique personal ID number at a hand held radio touch tone key pad. The computer will make a record of the officer who acknowledged the alarm. This creates accountability and helps you to accurately re-trace the sequence of events in an alarm or emergency situation. Alarms and events may also be broadcast over alpha-numeric pagers.


You may define a unique time schedule for any device. For instance, you may set a door to alarm from only 10:00 PM to 7:00 AM. This allows you to tailor your system to the daily flow of traffic. A door leading to sensitive records c o u l d be armed at all times, while the front door you may only want to arm during night hours.


Thousands of alarm devices may also be hardwired to the Courthouse Sentry System. Relay outputs may be used by the system to control doors, intercoms, parking gates, lights, etc. These controls may be activated by an alarm event or by entering a user defined number on a hand held radio keypad.


The Courthouse Sentry System also offers a complete line of card access control equipment so that only one
computer is required to accommodate all of your security needs. All reader technologies (Wiegand, Mag Stripe, Proximity, etc.) are supported. You can grant access by card user, time of day, day of the week, and by specified doors.


Broadcast the output of your closed circuit television system to any number of hand held video monitors
with 4” full color liquid crystal display screens, or to full sized monitors in roving vehicles. Like X-Ray vision, your officers can see around corners and on the other side of walls by the use of multi-position cameras before they walk into a potentially dangerous situation. Officers may call up the view of any camera and then pan, tilt, zoom and focus that camera with their hand held radio. Officers will be notified of any alarm such as a forced door entry or motion detector, and instantly view the camera that is in the area of the alarm. This gives a mobile officer the information needed to respond to emergencies in a timely and appropriate way.

Care Caller Software

The Sentry system by CareCaller uses our powerful software engine to provide the comprehensive communication required for effective security response.
It is designed to receive alarms and signals from almost any type of system and integrate them into one command
and control center. “The CareCaller software has virtually unlimited input and output capabilities allowing
it to be easily tailored to any use.”

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